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Welcome to Endlessrage is exactly what the subtitle suggests. A bunch of sites instead of a main site, all because the webmaster can't be bothered to focus all that energy into one site. It's sort of like a jack-of-all-trades thing. There's not a single subject that I am an expert on but there are a bunch of things I do have a lot of knowledge in.

I currently have five sites under endlessrage. Find them in the Sites section.

Here are some guides that don't fit on the other sites or guides that I can't be bothered to make sites for. All of these guides are written by me unless it is stated otherwise.

Guide to Anime DVD Bootlegs
Bypass the DeviantArt Mature Filter (Obsolete)
How to Read Japanese
Making Cursors
PHP Includes
Computer Maintenance
Making Anime Gifs
Type Japanese on Your Computer
Image Mapping