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These are the sites currently run by me.

Gungrave Fansite
I officially claim the seat of being the third/second English Gungrave fansite on the net. This site only covers the anime. You can expect to find screencaps, artbook scans, animated gifs, episodes summaries, character bios, etc.

A Simple Tourist's Guide to Cambodia
Vacationing to another country is very rare for me. So I figure I should make a site about my experience. This site give tips and information for others if they're interested in going to Cambodia.

Pokemon D/P Action Replay Codes Blog
This is just a collection of codes that I have tested and use. No need to waste your time searching through forums, and pages upon pages of the same codes posted over again. Also no Pokesav codes on Pokemon Parties that you could really care less about.

Full Moon
A little fansite revolving around Saix of Kingdom hearts II. Calling it a shrine sounds kinda gay. As for the title, I couldn't resist with all the existing sexual jokes around Organization XIII's names anyway. Will have pictures or something.